Berry van Someren

Computer vision & Deep learning

Street Ortho Lidar

For my work at CycloMedia we tried to create images similar to aerial photographs from our street-level imagery. This has the added benefit that you can see underneath overpasses and trees, and that the resolution is much higher than with actual aerial images. We can even include height information for better context understanding.

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Thesis: 3D object detection

During my thesis project I developed a pipeline which combines artificial neural networks with geometric image transformations for finding the world positions of light poles using street level panoramic imagery and corresponding depth information from Lidar point clouds.

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Voxel-based 3D Reconstruction

For our Computer Vision class we had to reconstruct a scene using voxel-based 3D reconstruction. Among other things, we did camera calibration, background subtraction, 3D-reconstruction and meshing using the marching cubes algorithm.

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Bringing AbbeyCore to iOS

During my internship at Abbey Games, I worked on bringing their in-hous game engine, AbbeyCore, to the iOS platform. Besides just porting the code, this involved restructuring the build system to support cross-compilation, and creating a remote content pipeline for quick development cycles.

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Organizing Indievelopment

Indievelopment was an important Dutch indie-game conference for which I have been resposible for reaching out to potential speakers. Featuring prominent speakers such as Grammy winning composer Austin Wintory, and renowned game designer Jonathan Blow, Indievelopment grew from a few hundred attendees to more than a thousand in just a few years.

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